Stargazers Story

The genesis of the project

Stagazers Genesis Story

Stargazers first idea came from the young girl. She looked at a telescope for the very first time and searched right away for the stars. A simple request but hard to complete at that time and place: We lacked time and moreover, the weather was not in the mood.

The idea of a remote telescope is not new. We can see astronomy enthusiasts all over the web trying to achieve this for their own use. After the incomplete request of the young girl, Philippe Lopes Pinto (Stargazers.Space CEO) decided to follow their path and take the most of what the community could give. At one point it came to him that if he was the only user of that platform it would be a waste. So he decided to look for a way to give back to the community a tool for those who are willing to follow that path to complete their own project. And it was from there that Stargazers App project arose.


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