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  • Stargazers App is an innovative and an easy to use solution designed for everyone and marketed at a very affordable price.
  • Stargazers App can be used anywhere/worldwide with an appropriate device and enough Internet connection.
  • Stargazers App will be available(1) for tablets first on Apple App Store and Google Play with a quick and easy download and setup process. Don’t have a tablet? Don’t worry! Our App will be also available from your computer directly from our website(2).

(1) Minimum requirements: ios 9 or Android 5.

(2) A subscription made on our website allows you also to connected the App on another device (tablet) from your (same) Account.

Stargazers App | Touch The Sky


Stargazers App | Touch The Sky
  • Home: Once you launch the App you will be able to access to a world map that allows you to check at a glance your telescope’s sites (location, weather...). From the Home you will also access to your account, the photo gallery and the booking calendar.
  • Detail of a site: information (history, future development, weather…) about the selected site done by clicking the site on the map. From here, you will be also able to access to other features (booking…) relating to the selected site.
  • The photo gallery: Access to your personal photo gallery (all pictures you took during your Steering sessions or photos that you labeled as favorites from the community photographs gallery). With a Subscription Plan, you will be also able to access to all community photographs gallery, where users share the pictures taken during their Steering session.
  • The Sky Map: Unique for each site, the Sky Map is an interactive feature that allows you to view and select (for additional information) the stargazing area from each site. During a Steering session, the Sky Map will also help you to steer your telescope directly to a specific point.
  • The video stream: Accessible to subscribers, this magic feature will allow you to watch in real time a telescope image (video stream mode).
  • The steering session: By first buying Stargazers credits that will allow you to book one or more time slots, you will be able to steer of our telescope using a virtual remote control (two modes will be available: A automated guided mode and an advanced mode that will allow the user to enter coordinates). You will be also able to take pictures by choosing an exposure time. These pictures will automatically be saved in in your personal gallery.
Stargazers App | Touch The Sky


Available soon

Stargazers App | Touch The Sky

1Download Stargazers App for your tablet device from the most popular App stores or use the App directly from your computer.

2Create a Account (either from our App or Website).

3Choose your plan and enjoy!