Stagazers FAQ
Stargazers App is the first and unique mobile app that allows beginner and advanced users to control worldwide telescopes, comtemplate the Sky in a brand new way, take and share live pictures of space from anyplace, at any time and whatever your local weather is.

We plan to launch Stargazers App on Apple App Store and Google Play at the end of first quarter 2018.

Yes. Stargazers App will be also available:

  • As a Web application for PC/Mac/Linux users.
  • We are also planning to target game stations and Apple TV.

Still the planning is not fixed for those platforms, so your opinion will be more than welcome!

  • For iPad/iOS, you will need a Retina iPad with at least iOS 9.
  • For Android, you will need a tablet with at least android 5 installed.

For others platforms, we will make an announcement as soon as we are set. Let's keep in touch:

While our software is under final developments before testing, we still need to set up remote sites fully equipped, calibrated, tested in order to make it works and offer you the best experience.

NO. Any user having the right platform and an access to an internet connexion will be able to access our streaming and drive our telescope (subject to availability on your App store).


If you've got questions, we should certainly have the answers. Send us your question(s) at