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Part 3 - Final hardware presentation


In the previous articles, we explained that our goal was to build an astronomical observatory. Today, we would like to share with you the hardware that we will be using for our production sites. This is what you will be controlling through your tablet.

On part 1 we talked about the telescope and we showed a POC version using a 10 inches Dobson tube from Orion attached to an EQ-8 equatorial mount.

The following hardware will equip our observatories across the world. It makes sense since if you wish to take control during daytime of one of our telescopes, it must be located on a different time zone. That’s the reason why we are first looking for sites located in Europe, Australia and USA to cover both hemispheres at anytime of the day or night.

And what a summer for Stargazers.Space! The charming village of Saint Véran in the French alps voted the installation of our telescope in their astronomical observatory located at 2930m (9600 feet). This is a huge milestone for us! We will be able to give you access to exceptional sky conditions among real astronomers.

Let’s do a tour of what you will take control of. 

1- The mount: A Skywatcher EQ-8 for precise guiding and positioning

2- A 50mm finder for a large field of the sky.

3- An 80mm apochromatic refractor for intermediate field view.

4- The main tube: a Ritchey-Chretien 12” telescope. Same technology as for Hubble but a little bit smaller :)

5- A color camera without cooling for the large field rendering. It’s resolution and performance are adequate to take a glance at the targeted sky.

6- An Atik 460Ex camera. It is cooled and has very good performances. It is also equipped with a filter wheel not installed in this picture. Filters will allow to improve contrast and help you to see the same piece of sky differently.

7- An Atik 4000 camera. A great camera also. This is the color version. It is also cooled and is equipped with a filter wheel.

We are still working on some equipment like the focusers, and the retractable solar shields.

This hardware is a really good set for observations, but it has to be protected properly. With Scopedome, we will build the shelter has shown here after:




Depending on the local weather conditions, the shelter will be more or less hardened. Still this is the final shape to host and protect our equipment.

All that hardware will be useless without a good and friendly user interface to pilot it. We have spent a lot of time on this part. Take a look at it:


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Wang Haoxian

Looks so cool Smile


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