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Beta site construction preparation

In order to achieve our goal of building a remote observatory easily controllable via touch devices, we have focused on software development for the last months.

We are first working on iOS devices exclusively. The reason is simple: There is a lot to do for the project to work. We are first focusing on only one operating system prior to port to other platforms.

It’s not a secret that it is easier to manage developments on iOS devices than on Android due to the large variety of devices. Besides the hardware aspects, there is the fact that Android devices are spoiled by the constructor plus operator software layers on top of it.

Meanwhile, we are going step by step on the construction of our first site. It is called Beta site for now. It will be used for hardware validation, software integration, tests and developments.

Prior to any deployment to a site, this will be the first step to any procedure, software and hardware.

It takes a lot of time to have it build. Of course, it looks like just a concrete platform not very big after all. But prior to have it ready, we had to wait for the terrain acquisition to be effective. This takes a lot time because of administrative delays. Then we have to find the contractors and of course everything must be ready for them to work. And by far the most complicated: The weather must be good enough for them to work and that’s not the case.

After finding the terrain, we had to clean it. We had to acquire a new skill: logger level 1

That was fun. It’s obvious we are not very familiar with the job. We’ve started from small and the bigger trees were removed by our neighbor. A farmer with more experience and a more adapted chainsaw. And a tractor... which helps a lot.

Finally, we have a terrain without any major obstructions on it and with a tree prepared to host our autonomous field camera with solar panels.