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Stargazers App is the first and unique mobile app that allows beginner and advanced users to control (our) telescopes located all over the world and take live pictures of space (from anyplace, at any time and whatever your local weather is). Furthermore, Stargazers App allows users to share their passion with others through live video streams (like TV channels).

Stargazers App put heaven's wonder accessible to all despite the complex hardware and technical issues under the hood. We are trying to make astrophotography as accessible as current photography. Just point and shoot!

Stargazers App is the simplest and the most affordable telescope steering solution in the Market.

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  • News
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  • News
  • Sky Map
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Kickstarter Campaign Announcement

Stargazers.Space is meant to provide easy access to hight quality astronomy instruments to everyone. We are targeting 10 worldwide sites with at least one telescope on each site to cover the whole sky and make our observation system resilient to bad weather conditions.

We are planning to start with the build of the first two sites: One in Europe and one in Australia (targeted for July 2017). With those locations, thanks to the time lag, the whole night will be covered and both northern and southern hemispheres. The construction and preparation cost for one site is 80 000$. We are asking the Kickstarter community conbributors to help us to reach at least 50 000$ of crowd funding in order to complete their making.

With more funding, we will be able to build up quickly our network. For instance, the third site will be in USA for those of you who are night birds and for Sun observations during the day.

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Part 2 - Choosing a camera


                   In the previous article, we got a glance at the telescope that we'll be using in our observatory. We have a mount, a temporary tube and the next step will be to choose a CCD camera for the observation. Choosing a CCD camera is a multi-factor problem. So, depending on where you place the cursor of your needs the answer ...

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PNA Logo

New discipline of astrophotography, the nightscape maries through specific techniques, celestial and terrestrial nocturnal landscapes on the same plate. The Moon, the Milky Way, stars, aurora borealis, clouds, seas, mountains ... appear in a new way as well as sublimated.

With its expertise in astrophotography, and keen to contribute to the development of the art of shooting and image processing, Franck Séguin - director of Chasseurs de Nuits a non profit association, create and organize the first edition of the Photo Nightscape Awards - PNA in 2014.

Photo Nightscape Awards addresses all audiences – young, adults, schools, astronomy clubs ... and will be available in 4 categories: Nightscape, In Town, Timelapse and Junior (for young french photographer).